Susan Hamady is an internationally collected artist who resides in Ann Arbor, MI.

Her work exhibits realism, whimsy and humor. It is personable and colorful. Her purpose is to help uplift the world and bring some of the joy she has found in doing and viewing art to others.

Photography/Alternative Processes




Art Shows





Even after doing shows and exhibiting my art for –you don’t want to know how many years! – it is still a bit of a mind game with all the applications and invitations and factors that get entered into the process.

For instance, what is the booth fee, how far do you have to drive, is it FINE ART or do they accept “buy-sell” stuff- a sure way to kill a show.

People who are serious about the quality of their work want to be in shows where others are like -minded.
So this is the time of year where you send in all your applications and see what happens!

I love the ones where people just invite me. They know and appreciate my work and I appreciate them.

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